About villa


The villa is located in an area with a pleasant microclimate and the beach that is known as the “Blue Flag”. The villa is two-story (ground floor, first floor and attic with huge terrace) with wonderful views over the bay. Villa has 8 rooms, 3 bathrooms and 3 kitchens. The villa is away from the sea 7 minutes walk throught the centuries old olive forest.

Villa in Montenegro



Guests have acces to 3 parking spaces that are in the shade of vines wich gives rise.


Terrace under shade

Lot size is 14.5X18.5m, and also enriched with lush green palm trees, fig trees and conifers, home base is 7.6×8.8m.


Green paradise

Villa has a magnificent garden, terraces with nearly 30 square meters. All guests who come by their vehicle parking is provided.


From sky to sea

Travelers who arrive in Montenegro by plane, there are two international airports that are available in Podgorica and Tivat. Airport Golubovci (Podgorica) – 41 km away from the Bar. Tivat Airport (Tivat) is located 58 km from Bar.